Barton on U.S. Raids into Pakistan

Rick Barton appeared on NBC Nightly News last night discussing U.S. cross-border incursions into Pakistan. He remarked that "the greatest danger [of continued U.S. commando raids] is that the Pakistanis who have been an ally of ours are going to say they are not on our side any longer."

I think the crossborder raid

I think the crossborder raid from Columbia into Ecuador shows that this sort of thing can sometimes be successful, but it's a massive gamble. We now seem to have an escalating policy of strikes into Pakistan that draw angry comments from the civilian government.

Even though the our raid was apparently successful, it doesn't seem like the stakes were high enough to merit the anger this caused. These sort of incursions might work as a one-off for an extremely high value target, but if we expect to be able to pick off multiple Taliban leaders over time with this sort of thing, we're miscalculating.