Hertog Strategy Institute Summer Program

Feb 2, 2010


By Chris Jones

The Hertog Global Strategy Initiative at Columbia has announced that the topic for the 2010 seminar (24 May-13 August) will be "Nuclear Proliferation and the Future of World Power." From the website:

Students in the program spend the first three weeks of the summer in “total immersion” training in nuclear strategy and the methods of international history. The following eight weeks are spent conducting independent and team projects. In August, the class reconvenes and participants present their research and produce a joint report. The program is intended to demonstrate the potential for collaborative historical research on critical issues in international affairs.

The faculty for the seminar includes:

The 2010 Initiative will be taught by Matthew Connelly, Professor of History at Columbia University, and Francis Gavin, Professor of International Affairs, University of Texas. They will be assisted in the classroom by a number of experts in the field, including world-class scholars and top government officials. Confirmed speakers and workshop participants include Graham Allison, Richard Betts, Hans Blix, Paul Bracken, John Lewis Gaddis, Robert Gallucci, Bonnie Jenkins, Robert Jervis, Henry Kissinger, Michael Levi, Scott Sagan, Etel Solingen, James Steinberg, Stephen Van Evera, and Philip Zelikow. The 2010 program will run from May 24 through August 13.

Application information is here.   Looks like a great program.