New Online Course | Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research

Harvard University is launching a new online course and discussion forum on humanitarian law and policy developed by the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research. The course ties in nicely with our work on Responding to Catastrophes: Improving U.S. Capacity for Disaster Risk Management, Early Warning? A Review of Conflict Prediction Models and Systems, and the launch of two new CSIS portals: Disaster Prevention & Response and Stabilization & Reconstruction. Please read below for more information.

As you may know, the Program at Harvard is conducting a multi-year research project on distance learning practices among humanitarian organizations. The purpose of this research is to: - Facilitate access to professional knowledge on humanitarian law - Evaluate online teaching pedagogies - Promote the creation of an online professional community on IHL - Provide a forum for discussion of IHL concepts and emerging issues In 2007, the Program conducted a pilot study that examined the relationship between on-site and distance learning courses. The promising results of this research are now being made available to all members of the humanitarian community in the form of online course modules. Combining video & audio lectures, selected readings and discussion forums, the online course provides interactive resources on a series of central IHL themes, including the principle of distinction between civilians and combatants in IHL, humanitarian protection, and interplay between IHL and human rights. The online course and discussion forum are made available to humanitarian professionals at no cost. To access the course platform, please visit and follow the simple free registration process. As demand for education in humanitarian law, peacebuilding, and conflict management increases, distance learning tools offer new opportunities for professionals working in remote areas around the world.

I live between Nigeria Benin

I live between Nigeria Benin border and i will be very grateful if i can be privilege to know more about the study of Humanitarian,mostly conflict resolution.i dont have a web sit now.

I am planning to work with an NGO.

i will be very glad to study

i will be very glad to study more about humanitarian mostly on conflict resoltion.i live in Nigeria close to the border of the Rep of Benin

I would like to study

I would like to study humanutarian law,how do i doing it.