Nuclear Policy News - April 11, 2012

Apr 11, 2012


Clinton: 'Additional Provocations' May Follow N. Korea Missile Launch
'Iran to offer new proposals at nuclear talks'
Pakistan spends $2.5 billion a year on its arsenal: report
The DPRK Rocket and Korean Peace
Georgy Tolorayo



Defiant North Korea begins injecting fuel into rocket
Impoverished North Korea rejected international protests over its planned long-range rocket launch and said on Wednesday that it was injecting fuel "as we speak", meaning it could blast off as early as Thursday.
Clinton: 'Additional Provocations' May Follow N. Korea Missile Launch
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says North Korea's planned missile launch may be the first of what could be additional threats to regional security.  There are growing concerns that North Korea may be planning another nuclear test.
China calls for flexibility, patience ahead of Iran nuclear talks in Turkey
China on Tuesday urged Iran and the world powers involved in upcoming negotiations on Tehran’s nuclear program to demonstrate flexibility and patience, saying it will help establish trust needed to resolve the issue peacefully.
North Korea gearing up for nuclear test, South Korean report says
South Korea is fearful that North Korea is gearing up to test a nuclear weapon, pointing to satellite photos that reportedly show the country digging a new underground tunnel at a nuclear test site.
Iranian President Says Oil Embargo Won’t Hurt
Faced with diminished demand for Iranian oil because of economic sanctions, Iran’s president proclaimed defiantly on Tuesday that the country had such plentiful reserves of money that it could survive for years without exporting any oil.
'Iran to offer new proposals at nuclear talks'
Top Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili said Wednesday that the country would put forward "new initiatives" in upcoming negotiations over its nuclear program.
Iran cuts oil supply to Germany ahead of upcoming nuclear talks with West
Iran's official Press TV said the country has halted oil exports to Germany, a day after Tehran stopped crude exports to Spain and Greece, in an apparent move to strengthen its position ahead of crucial talks with world powers later this week.
Iraq says next Iran nuclear talks to be in Baghdad
The next round of nuclear talks aimed at resolving a standoff between the West and Iran over its nuclear programme will be held in Baghdad following this week's negotiations in Istanbul, Iraq said on Tuesday.
Pakistan spends $2.5 billion a year on its arsenal: report
According to a news report published in The Hindu, Pakistan is estimated to be in possession of more nuclear weapons than India and is currently spending about $ 2.5 billion a year to develop its arsenal.
'Pakistan rapidly developing its nuclear arsenal'
Estimated to have more nuclear weapons than India, Pakistan is rapidly developing and expanding its atomic arsenal, spending about $ 2.5 billion a year to develop such weapons, a report has said.
Russia criticizes North Korea over launch plans
Russia criticized North Korea on Tuesday over its plans to launch a rocket, saying the decision showed disregard for U.N. Security Council resolutions restricting such actions and calling for a diplomatic solution.
No clear offer yet on nuclear talks, says Russian deputy FM
As the world's security powers gear up for a crucial meeting with Iran, on 14 April in Istanbul, Turkey, over Iran's nuclear programme, Russia's deputy foreign affairs minister has given his analysis on where the key players stand. The so-called E3+3 countries (France, Germany, the United Kingdom plus China, Russia and the United States) lack a common view on what to offer Iran, warned Sergei Ryabkov, speaking at the European Institute in Washington DC, on 10 April.
EU: Iran agrees to nuclear talks
Nuclear talks will resume this week in Turkey between Iran and six world powers, the European Union reported Monday.
Future Nuclear Leaders Gather at the IAEA
From 28 to 30 March 2012, the IAEA played host to some of the world's brightest, young minds in the nuclear industry. Hailing from more than 30 countries, these young professionals are all alumni of the World Nuclear University’s (WNU) Summer Institute, and gathered at IAEA headquarters for the Institute's first ever Alumni Assembly.
The U.S. Still Has More Nukes Than Russia
The United States has hundreds more nuclear weapons deployed and aircraft capable of dropping atomic bombs than Russia, according to State Department data released Tuesday.
Jonathan Schell: Disarmament Wars
Jonathan Schell
On April 13, Iran is scheduled meet with representatives of China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States - the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council - plus Germany (the so-called 'P5+1') in an effort to decide the fate of Iran's nuclear program. Meanwhile, North Korea is reportedly preparing its third nuclear test, as if to provide a discordant sound track for the talks.
The case for the CTBT: Stronger than ever
Kingston Reif
In his April 2009 speech in Prague, President Barack Obama outlined a vision of a world free of nuclear weapons and pledged to "immediately and aggressively" pursue approval of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), which prohibits any nuclear test explosions that produce a self-sustaining, supercritical chain reaction and creates a robust international verification regime. Now, within days of the second Obama-initiated global Nuclear Security Summit, the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has released its much-anticipated report on the technical and security issues related to the CTBT. It provides ample evidence that the case for the test ban has never been better.
The DPRK Rocket and Korean Peace
Georgy Tolorayo
Why would North Korea sacrifice its long-cherished dream of improving relations with the United States for such a trivial thing as “fireworks” for a national holiday? Around the world, people are wracking their brains trying to explain this seemingly sudden “satellite launch” decision, and the theories that have emerged so far can be grouped as follows:
Taking Down North Korea’s Missile Threat: Which Country
Can Be the Israel of East Asia?
Scott Snyder
North Korean preparations to conduct a satellite test using ballistic missile technology highlight international concerns regarding North Korea as a proliferation threat.  Each test North Korea conducts of its multi-stage rockets, be they designed as satellite carriers or delivery vehicles for weapons of mass destruction, helps the country to improve its ability to deliver a cargo accurately, expanding the range and credibility of its capacity to threaten its neighbors.  This is why former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates sounded the alarm regarding North Korean missile development in December of 2010 while on a trip to Beijing.
North Korea’s Upcoming Launch
Jeffrey Lewis
Well, North Korea is all ready to launch the Unha-3, in all likelihood carrying the Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite to a fiery demise that the regime in Pyongyang will vigorously deny.