Nuclear Policy News - June 14, 2012

Jun 14, 2012
North Korean Missile Launchers Came From China, US Didn't Report UN Sanctions Breach: Report
Tehran Hardens Nuclear Stance
Germany, Italy urge funding for missile program
A Good Deal for Tehran
Daniel Schwammethal
North Korean Missile Launchers Came From China, US Didn't Report UN Sanctions Breach: Report
Japan has evidence that China shipped missile launch vehicles to North Korea last year, in a possible breach of U.N. sanctions on Pyongyang, Japanese media reported Wednesday.
Japan to pass bill to insure Iran oil imports
Japan's lower house is set to pass a bill on Friday to provide government guarantees on insurance for Iranian crude cargoes, making it the first of Iran's big Asian buyers to find a way to keep the oil flowing in the face of tough new EU sanctions.
US, SKorea to discuss NKorea at high-level meeting
Associated Press
The top diplomats and defense chiefs of the U.S. and South Korea will discuss Thursday how to strengthen their alliance and cope with the threat posed by North Korea.
China hopes for progress of Iranian nuclear issue
A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry said Thursday that China hopes all related parties can practice mutual tolerance, accommodate each other's concerns and be committed to promoting progress in the upcoming Moscow talks on the Iranian nuclear issue.
Tehran Hardens Nuclear Stance
Iran's chief nuclear negotiator said Iran wouldn't compromise on its right to enrich uranium, casting doubts on whether the country could reach a deal during talks with international powers in Moscow this month.
Ex-Mossad Chief: Israeli Attack Would Help Iran Go Nuclear
Gen. Benny Gantz, the chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, spoke out last week against ex-military and intelligence officials who are expressing doubts about the efficacy of a preemptive Israeli military strike on Iran's nuclear project.
Iran: All nuclear proposals on table for talks
Daily Star
Proposals from both Iran and the group of six world powers will be on the table at the next round of talks in Moscow next week, not just the West’s demand to halt Iran’s highest level uranium enrichment, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator said Wednesday.
PM takes stock of nuclear arsenal
India's nuclear weapons arsenal, its command and control structures as well as the state of operational readiness came up for a detailed review at a top-level meeting called by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday.
US understands India's oil dependence on Iran: Krishna
Iran has been an important source of fulfilling India's oil requirements and United States "fully understands" it, external affairs minister SM Krishna said in Washington two days after his American counterpart issued waiver to India from Iranian Sanctions Act.
Germany, Italy urge funding for missile program
German and Italian officials warned U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday that their plans to cut off funding for a ground-based NATO missile defense program built by Lockheed Martin Corp would endanger U.S. ties with their countries.
Russia presses Iran ahead of nuclear talks
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov flew into Iran on Wednesday for a brief visit to discuss upcoming international talks over Tehran's disputed nuclear programme.
UK, Iran foreign ministers meet in Kabul, first time since embassy attack
British foreign minister William Hague met his Iranian counterpart on Thursday, ISNA news agency reported, the highest level diplomatic contact between the two nations since the storming of the British embassy in Tehran late last year.
'Good progress' in global nuclear safety: IAEA
The UN atomic watchdog said Wednesday "good progress" was being made in enhancing global nuclear safety, almost a year after implementing an action plan in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.
U.N. cash gap may hinder its nuclear role: report
The United Nations' nuclear agency is significantly underfunded, a think-tank said on Wednesday, warning the shortfall risked limiting its ability to identify covert atomic activity that might have a military dimension.
US, India see progress on nuclear cooperation
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton welcomed progress in U.S. efforts to invest in India's civilian nuclear power industry but said more action is needed to translate improving ties into economic benefits.
Europe's Unique Opportunity to Act
Trita Parsi and Reza Marashi
The nuclear talks in Baghdad between Iran and the Permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (P5+1) failed to produce a breakthrough. The bad news is that time is running out. By July 1, the West will escalate with an embargo on oil and sanctions on Iran's Central Bank. Iran will respond in kind and the situation may get out of control. The good news is that the ball is in Europe's court and -- unlike America -- the EU has the ability to make diplomacy succeed in the short term.
A Good Deal for Tehran
Daniel Schwammethal
After the usual games of brinkmanship and lowering expectations, Tehran just raised hopes again ahead of next week's round of nuclear talks in Moscow. On Monday, in a one-hour phone call with European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton, according to her office, Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili agreed "to engage" on the proposals previously made by the major powers. Before cheering, it's worth discussing the proposals' risks to Western security.
Undermining Deterrence?: The Non State Actors and India’s Nuclear Doctrine
Tanvi Kulkarni and Alankrita Sinha
The international security environment, characterized by the horizontal and vertical proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology holds manifold implications for India. In fact, it is the emergence of offensive nuclear attitudes of other states reflected in their doctrines which are open to the first use of nuclear weapons and even towards use against non-nuclear weapon states, which galvanized Indian efforts towards a military nuclear programme. The May 1998 tests gave to India an unalterable new identity - of a de facto nuclear weapons state - for which India sought international diplomatic recognition.