Mapping the Future of World Population

The Columbia University Center for Climate Systems Research has created a map documenting population change out to 2025.


On Fire

From Australia to Greece to California, rampant fir

Dervis Discusses Inequality in Emerging Markets

While headlining at a lecture series at the Oraganization of American States last week, the head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), K

Barton Remarks on U.S.-Pakistan Military Relations

Pakistan pledged to be the number-one U.S. ally in fighting the Taliban close to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, but after six years the success of the mission is highly doubted. The U.S. and Pakistani military forces aren't seeing eye-to-eye, thanks to distrust, uneven funding, and inadequate training.

French and Spanish Nationals Face Abduction Charges from Chad

Nine French citizens, working for L'Arche De Zoe or Zoe's Arc for the non-French, were arrested Tuesday after a failed attempt to fly 103 children out of Chad. Alongside them were seven Spanish nationals, all charged with abduction and fraud. The French members of Zoe's Ark claim they wished to place the orphans from the Darfur area with European families; if charged they could face up to 20 years of labor in the African state.

Uruguay Buys First $100 Laptops

According to BBC, Uruguay has ordered 100,000 of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) “$100 laptops.”  This is the first country to place an official o

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