Pakistan Q&A

Statesman Journal put out a great OpEd piece featuring a Q&A with "A Perilous Course" coauthor and CSIS Deputy Chief of Staff and Fellow,

EVENT | The Uses and Abuses of Expertise in War and Reconstruction in Iraq

Please join the American Strategy Program/New America Foundation on Thursday, December 13 for an informal conversation focusing the U.S. government and its faltering efforts to mobilize sufficient expertise while planning the incursion into Iraq and its reconstruction.

A Call To Restructure the State Department

The United States must scrap the current structure of the State Department and radically reshape its foreign assistance, trade and diplomatic programs to create a super-size international affairs agency to meet overseas challenges, a majority in a congressionally mandated bipartisan commission will recommend tomorrow.

U.S. Commanders Cite Progress in Iraqi Police

CSIS provided support to an independent commission appointed by Congress to conduct an assessment of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF).


Using Windmills to Fight Energy Poverty

While talk of energy these days often focuses on the surging demand for oil in places like China and India, an

Smart Power Events This Week

Our friends at the CSIS Commission on Smart Power (PCR Co-Director Rick Barton is a commissioner) have a few cool event coming this week that you might want to check out, all of which will be held at CSIS (rsvp to

Internet Access at 35,000 feet

Beginning this week and over the next few months, many airline carriers in the U.S.

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