Using Windmills to Fight Energy Poverty

While talk of energy these days often focuses on the surging demand for oil in places like China and India, an

Smart Power Events This Week

Our friends at the CSIS Commission on Smart Power (PCR Co-Director Rick Barton is a commissioner) have a few cool event coming this week that you might want to check out, all of which will be held at CSIS (rsvp to

Internet Access at 35,000 feet

Beginning this week and over the next few months, many airline carriers in the U.S.

Rule of Law, Peacekeeping, and UN Reform

Good new piece from the Stimson Center.

New Hampshire Smart Power Event

CSIS, with local partners the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, invite you to: How American Can Become A Smarter Power: Does It Matter At Home If They Don't Like Us Abroad? Speech by: Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

Humanitarian Response Index

The final report of the DARA Humanitarian Response Index 2007, a tool designed to measure how well humanitarian donors are performing relative to their commitment to good humanitarian donorship principles established in 2003, was recently presented in London with the participation of former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, DARA's Director Silvia Hidalgo, and HRI Project Director Augusto L&Atild


PCR Project Event | Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy

The PCR Project hosted an event, featuring Craig Charney and Rodney Petersen to address recommendations from our report, "Mixed Blessings: U.S. Government Engagement with Religion in Conflict-Prone Settings," released in July 2007.

The session was divided into two parts:

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