Health and Security

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  • Understanding the nexus between global health and international security is becoming an increasingly urgent U.S. policy priority, as proliferating conflict and instability worldwide cause a breakdown in basic health services, interrupt progress toward important global health goals, and threaten to spark the next global pandemic.

  • CSIS’ work in global health diplomacy involves the CSIS Global Health Policy Center and CSIS programs on China, Russia, South Asia, Africa, and the Americas in carrying out work focused on the BRICs’ and South Africa’s emerging global health activities, practices, and strategies in the area of health diplomacy.  Beyond research and the dissemination of timely analysis, this initiative aims to facilitate the development of partnerships between CSIS and institutions in each country to support shared research projects, to organize international discussions, and to disseminate policy analysis and recommendations intended to encourage greater understanding of the ways in which approaches to global health policy and cooperation are changing.

Studying Health and Security