Star Spangled Security: A Discussion with Former Secretary of Defense Harold Brown and David Martin, CBS News

Applying Lessons Learned Over Six Decades Safeguarding America
  • Thursday, Dec 6, 2012
  • A book by
    Harold Brown with Joyce Winslow
    Featuring a discussion with
    Harold Brown
    Former U.S. Secretary of Defense
    Member of the Defense Policy Board


    David Martin
    National Security Correspondent, CBS News

    Dr. Harold Brown spoke about the defense budget, current turbulence in Syria, Israel, Iran,
    and China and lessons learned from the past as we move forward.
    Dr. Harold Brown was Secretary of Defense under President Carter; Secretary of the Air Force under President Johnson; Director of Defense Research and Engineering, and President of CalTech. Dr. Brown also served as a member of the Board of Directors of a dozen major corporations, and currently is a member of the Defense Policy Board. Dr. Brown led U.S. commissions to investigate troop behavior at Abu Ghraib, to determine China's military capabilities, and to explore public/private financing for technology innovation. He led development of GPS, and a new generation of nuclear weapons and delivery systems, and was a negotiator on SALT I and II.



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