BP Energy Outlook 2030 (2013)

  • Tuesday, Feb 5, 2013
  • The CSIS Energy and National Security Program hosted Mark Finley, General Manager of Global Energy Markets and U.S. Economics at BP, to present and discuss key issues from the BP Energy Outlook 2030. David Pumphrey, Co-Director and Senior Fellow in the CSIS Energy and National Security Program, moderated. 

    The BP Energy Outlook 2030 highlights the growing role of developing economies in global energy consumption, and the increasing share of non-fossil fuels in global energy supply. It emphasizes the importance of both improving energy efficiency and expanding energy supplies to meet the energy needs of billions of people who aspire to better lifestyles, and doing so in a way that is sustainable and secure. This year’s edition has a special focus on the role of shale gas and tight oil in supporting the growth of gas and oil supply. 


4th Floor Conference Room
Center for Strategic and International Studies
1800 K Street, NW
Washington DC, 20006

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