China in the Multilateral Development System: From a Taker to a Giver

  • Monday, Dec 3, 2012
  • Photo Courtesy of World Bank Photo Collection

    Presentation by:

    Dr. Yu Ye
    Research fellow, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies
    Visiting fellow, CSIS Freeman Chair in China Studies
    Moderated by:
    Christopher K. Johnson
    Senior Advisor and Freeman Chair in China Studies
    China used to be a "taker" in the multilateral development system, but is increasingly expected to be a "giver". In a world with more than 200 multilateral development programs, funds and organizations, how China goes about forum-shopping will likely have a great impact on all other countries. While China praises the role of the World Bank in its development and considers itself as having a special role to play in expanding the social and economic functions of the UN system, China also has great incentives to create its own multilateral institutions. The outcome will likely depend on how successfully China can further its regional or cross-regional agendas with others.
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