EIA's International Energy Outlook

Featuring: Adam Sieminski, Administrator, EIA
  • Thursday, Jul 25, 2013
  • The CSIS Energy and National Security Program hosted the release of the U.S. Energy Information Administration's International Energy Outlook 2013 (IEO2013). Adam Sieminski, Administrator of the EIA, presented key findings from the report. David Pumphrey, Co-Director and Senior Fellow in the CSIS Energy and National Security Program, moderated.
    The IEO2013 includes projections of world energy demand by region and primary energy source through 2040; electricity generation by energy source; and energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.  Among other topics, Mr. Sieminski discussed EIA’s view on long-term petroleum and other liquids fuel supplies, prospects for global natural gas markets, energy demand growth among developing nations, and key uncertainties that may alter the long-term projections.


B1 Conference Center
Center for Strategic and International Studies
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Washington DC, 20006

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