Electricity in Transition: Technology, Markets and Regulation

  • Thursday, Sep 4, 2014
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  • This second session of the CSIS Energy and National Security Program's Electricity in Transition series featured experts on both technology and the interplay between markets and regulation. The panel, Markets and Regulation in Transition, addressed the reevaluation of the current regulatory system, diving into the past, present and future of the interplay between markets and regulation in the electricity sector.


    Cheryl LaFleur, Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

    Lawrence Brenner, Commissioner, Maryland Public Service Commission

    Charles Curtis, Senior Adviser CSIS; former Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

    Don McConnell
    , Executive Director for Industry Research, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Elizabeth Moler, former Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

    Robert Nordhaus, Partner, Van Ness Feldman; former General Counsel, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; former General Counsel, Department of Energy

    Peter Fox-Penner, Principal, Brattle Group

    Linda Stuntz
    , Partner, Stuntz, Davis & Staffier, PC; former Deputy Secretary, Department of Energy

    Dramatic changes are underway in the electricity sector. A convergence of factors is putting unprecedented stress on traditional actors in the electric utility industry, from merchant generators to vertically-integrated utilities to state and federal regulators. These include accelerated technological change, shifting consumer preferences, business model disruption, a rapidly evolving fuel market, and a changing public policy landscape; this stress is especially acute within the context of slow to flattening demand growth. More than ever, the electricity sector is the focus of public policy debates about the relationship between climate change, energy security and economic growth.


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