European Defense Trends 2012: Budgets, Regulatory Frameworks, and the Industrial Base

  • Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012
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    Featuring Remarks by
    David Berteau
    Director, Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group

    Guy Ben-Ari

    Senior Fellow and Deputy Director, Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group

    Joachim Hofbauer
    Fellow, Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group

    The European defense market is composed of three key elements: national defense spending, the European defense acquisition regulatory environment, and the European defense and security industrial base. This report constitutes the third iteration of a comprehensive assessment of European defense trends conducted by the Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group at CSIS. This iteration incorporates newly available data and adds new layers of analysis to create a more thorough assessment of the European defense market. In addition, it offers option sets for the relevant stakeholders - national governments, the European Union, and the European defense and security industry - on how to respond more effectively to the key challenges in the European defense market.
    Tuesday December 18, 2012, 2:00-4:00 pm
    B1 A/B Conference Center
    CSIS 1800 K. St. NW, Washington, DC 20006

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