Fit for the Future: Cross-Atlantic Perspectives on Ground Forces

  • Thursday, Jun 20, 2013
  • Featuring
    Gen. Carter Ham (US Army, Ret.)
    Former commander of US Africa Commmand and US Army European Command
    Lt. Gen. Sir Graeme Lamb (UK Army, Ret.)
    Former Director of UK Special Forces
    Moderated by
    Dr. Maren Leed

    Senior Advisor, CSIS Harold Brown Chair in Defense Policy Studies
    Declining budgets, in conjunction with the strain of the last decade of war, have placed great pressure on US and international military forces. Many countries are now facing difficult choices about what forces to cut or keep, what capabilities to maintain or abandon, what missions are the highest priority, and what training is essential to maintain force readiness. Militaries in both the UK and the US are faced with the challenge of answering these difficult questions in such a way that core competencies are not lost, and the lessons of the past decade are not forgotten. Please join us for a conversation with Lieutenant-General (Ret.) Sir Graeme Lamb, former Director of UK Special Forces and Deputy Commanding General in Iraq, and General (Ret.) Carter Ham, former commander of United States Africa Command and US Army European Command, as they address these and other pressing issues facing transatlantic ground forces.

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