The Future of the Security Cooperation Enterprise

Reforming the System to Meet Security Challenges
  • Thursday, Sep 18, 2014
  • The United States has long made security cooperation with allies and partners a national priority to encourage and enable international partners to work with the United States to achieve strategic objectives. Increasingly tight fiscal constraints have underscored the need to find areas in which such cooperation can effectively and efficiently build defense relationships and develop allied and partner military capabilities to support common security objectives. This on-the-record discussion will explore U.S. government efforts to better prepare and position the security cooperation for the future challenges of the new global security and economic environment.

    The event is part of Federated Defense Project, a multi-year effort that will draw on CSIS's broad range of expertise in U.S. and regional defense concepts, capabilities, posture, and relationships; regional security dynamics; U.S. and global trade and economic policy; and the global defense industry.

    Featuring opening remarks by:

    Vice Admiral Joseph W. Rixey
    Director, Defense Security Cooperation Agency

    Followed by remarks and a panel discussion with:

    Mr. James H. Baker
    Principal Deputy Director, Strategic Plans and Policy, J5 and Strategist to the Chairman,
    Joint Chiefs of Staff

    Mr. Gregory M. Kausner
    Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Regional Security and Security Assistance,
    U.S. Department of State

    Mr. Steve McCarthy
    Minister Defence Material at the British Embassy   

    Mr. Thomas (Tommy) Ross
    Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Security Cooperation  
    U.S. Department of Defense

    Moderated by:

    Ms. Stephanie Sanok Kostro
    Senior Fellow, International Security Program, CSIS

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