The Geopolitics of Internet Governance

  • Thursday, May 23, 2013
  • The panel featured:

    Phil Verveer
    Former US Coordinator, International Communications and Information Policy, US Department of State

    Veni Markovski
    ICANN, Vice President for Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe

    Sally Wentworth
    Senior Director, Strategic Public Policy

    Bill Smith
    Senior Policy Advisor, Technology Evangelist, PayPal

    Laura DeNardis
    Associate Professor in the School of Communication, American University

    Moderated by:

    David Vyorst
    Co-Founder, Relay Station Social Media LLC

    James Lewis
    Director and Senior Fellow, Technology and Public Policy Program, CSIS

    A paper, Control Point Analyses, was mentioned during the panel discussion. The paper offers academic insights into key technical aspects of the internet and the impact they have upon internet governance. The paper begins by exploring the operational elements of the internet that determine how influence may be exerted over the system. The analysis then focuses on how actorsleverage power within these parameters and the extent to which doing so is actually possible.

    The paper is available for download at:

    Quick Guide to Acronyms Used:


    ICANN- Internet Corporation of Assigned Naming and Numbers

    GAC- Governmental Advisory Committee

    ITU- International Telecommunications Union

    WSIS- World Summit on Society and Information

    IGF- Internet Governance Forum

    IETF- Internet Engineering Task Force

    ISOC- Internet Society

    Technical Terms:

    IP Address- Internet Protocol Address

    IPv4- Internet Protocol Address version 4, the most common current version.

    IPv6- Internet Protocol Address version 6, the latest version of IP addresses currently being implemented.

    DNS- Domain Naming System

    TLD- Top Level Domain, e.g. the .org in

    gTLD- Generic Top Level Domain, none country affiliated top level domains such as .org and .com

    New gTLD- New Generic Top Level Domains.  This is a system being implemented which is expected to expand the current number of gTLDs from around 20 to the thousands.  An example of a new gTLD would be .csis in techpolicy.csis.

    ccTLD- Country Code Top Level Domain Name, e.g. .us in

    UDRP- Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Process.  UDRP is a process through ICANN for a trademark holder to file a grievance if they feel someone has registered a domain which is infringing on their trademark.

    Additional Information:

    If you wish to read further, ICANN maintains an extensive glossary of internet governace terms and acronyms on their website:



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