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Asia-Pacific Security: Bringing Women In
  • Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012
  • Asia-Pacific Security: Bringing Women In

    What roles do women play in international security in the Asia-Pacific region? How does adding women as a level of analysis help policy and security studies?

    Join us for a fascinating, roundtable discussion as we examine security through a gendered lens.

    Featuring Cristin Orr Shiffer and Nicole Forrester

    Cristin Orr Shiffer is a Project Coordinator at Blue Star Families, a national non-profit that researches and advances policy options in support of military families. Her research centers on the role of women in and around national defense and critical security studies.

    Nicole Forrester is the director of the Young Leaders Program at Pacific Forum CSIS. She is a former Australian diplomat and served as the Consul for Economic and Political Affairs at the Australian Consulate-General in Los Angeles, among other posts.

    RSVP to 535-1820 or ellise@pacforum.org by Nov. 28, 2012.


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