Next Steps in the Trade Facilitation Agenda

  • Wednesday, Jul 2, 2014
  • The CSIS Project on Prosperity and Development cordially invites you to:

    Next Steps in the Trade Facilitation Agenda

    Presentation on the Global Express Association (GEA) Customs Capability Gap Analysis:

    Carlos Grau Tanner [via video conference]
    Director General, GEA

    Response Panel Featuring:

    Virginia Brown 
    Director, Office of Trade and Regulatory Reform, U.S. Agency of International Development

    William Gain
    Global Program Manager for Trade Logistics, World Bank

    Christine Turner

    Director, Global Supply Chain Security, National Security Council

    Moderated by:

    Daniel F. Runde
    Director, Project on Prosperity and Development and William A. Schreyer Chair in Global Analysis, CSIS

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    Trade facilitation, or the improvement of trade and regulatory mechanisms to reduce barriers to global business, is an important opportunity for limited international development dollars and could lead to a global GDP increase of $1 trillion dollars. In December of 2013, the World Trade Organization collectively passed the 'Bali Package' trade agreement, which contains an important provision on trade facilitation. The WTO General Council will adopt the agreement by July 31, but important questions about the implementation remain.

    Join us for a conversation with expert stakeholders on ways the United States government, multilateral institutions, and the private sector can partner to advance global trade facilitation implementation efforts. Carlos Grau Tanner, Director General of the Global Express Association will present findings from GEA's Customs Capability policy gap analysis, focusing on measurements to track trade facilitation compliance and reform across the developing world. Expert stakeholders will then respond by laying out the challenges and opportunities moving forward.


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