Saving Mothers, Giving Life: A Year of Results and Lessons Learned

  • Thursday, Jan 9, 2014
  • Since its launch in June 2012 by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Saving Mothers, Giving Life partners have collaborated with the governments of Uganda and Zambia to bolster maternal health programs and to rapidly reduce maternal deaths. CSIS will be joined by senior leaders from Saving Mothers, Giving Life for an engaging discussion of the initiatives vision, approach, delivery, impact and future challenges and opportunities. The event will feature:

    Dr. Rajiv Shah
    Administrator, USAID

    Dr. Thomas Frieden
    Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Dr. Caroline Phiri    
    Director, Maternal and Child Health , Zambia Ministry of Community Development, Mother, and Child Health

    Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng

    Director General, Uganda Ministry of Health

    Dr. Robert Clay
    Deputy Assistant Administrator, USAID

    Ms. Tracy Carson
    Senior Advisor for Policy, Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator

    Dr. Naveen Rao
    Vice President, Merck for Mothers

    Dr. Stephen Morrison

    Senior Vice President and Director, CSIS Global Health Policy Center

    Ms. Janet Fleischman
    Senior Associate, CSIS Global Health Policy Center


    *** This event will be webcast live at: ***


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