Shell's New Lens Scenarios Launch

  • Thursday, Feb 28, 2013
  • The CSIS Energy and National Security Program and the Peterson Institute for International Economics co-hosted Peter Voser, CEO of Shell, and Jeremy Bentham, Head of Shell’s Scenarios team, to launch Shell’s “New Lens Scenarios” on February 28, 2013. Marcus Noland, Senior Fellow and Director of Studies at the Peterson Institute, provided opening remarks. Frank Verrastro, Senior Vice President and James R. Schlesinger Chair for Energy & Geopolitics, CSIS, moderated.

    Shell has a 40-year history of using scenario planning to explore the future and deepen its strategic thinking. Shell scenarios are not mechanistic forecasts or absolute predictions. But they have helped the company anticipate, adapt and respond to oil price shocks in the 1970s, and the impact of technology, terrorism and globalisation in a rapidly changing world. They draw on wide-ranging expertise from inside and outside the company, and have developed a global following over the years - becoming a resource to governments, academics and think tanks around the world. 

    Shell’s latest scenarios consider economic, political and social developments over the coming decades, with consequences for energy developments over half a century. Together these shape ecological outlooks to 2100, and form the New Lens Scenarios for the 21st Century.

    For more information on the Scenarios, please visit the Shell Scenarios Page


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