Social Media and Protest Movements in Venezuela: A Blogger's Perspective

  • Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014
  • Featuring:
    James "Boz" Bosworth
    Director of Analysis
    Southern Pulse, &
    Bloggings by Boz


    Carl Meacham
    CSIS Americas Program

    Recent protests in Venezuela have once again highlighted how technology, citizen reporters, and social media have become an essential part of conflicts and political stability in Latin America. The Maduro government has responded through censorship of websites, attacks against journalists, and a broad social media campaign of its own intended to discredit the protesters. For the opposition, are social media credible means of communicating with each other and delivering news and information to the outside world? For the government, are social media a threat to be stopped or an opportunity to get their own position heard by a different audience? How should companies with interests and investments in Venezuela interpret the conflicting information about the country's stability? To answer these questions, the Americas Program is pleased to welcome James Bosworth, the director of analysis at Southern Pulse, author of Bloggings by Boz, and senior associate of the Americas Program. Please join us for this timely and informative discussion.


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