Strengthening African Governance, The Index of African Governance: Results and Rankings 2009

  • Thursday, Oct 1, 2009
  • Co-author Rachel Gisselquist, Research Director for the Index, discussed the research methodology and findings of the 2009 Index and its accompanying report.

    Rachel Gisselquist
    Research Director and Co-Author of the Index
    Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
    John F Kennedy School of Government
    Harvard University

    moderated by

    Richard Downie
    CSIS Africa Program

    Co-authored by Robert Rotberg, Director of  Program on Intrastate Conflict at Harvard University’s Belfer Center, and Rachel Gisselquist, this annually updated Index ranks African countries according to their ability to provide good governance for their inhabitants.  Measurement is based on five governance indicators: Safety and Security; Rule of Law, Transparency, and Corruption; Participation and Human Rights; Sustainable Economic Opportunity; and Human Development.  The report is intended to offer governments, civil societies, donors, and investors a method of diagnosing the way in which each of Africa’s 53 countries is governed, as compared to each of the other governments of Africa.

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