The World Food Programme: Innovative Delivery of Food Assistance for Long-Term Resilience

Part of the Careers in Development Series
  • Thursday, Dec 6, 2012
  • featuring:

    Allan Jury

    Director, US Relations Office, World Food Programme

    A focus on preemptive, in-kind food assistance and development has facilitated partnerships between governments, international organizations, and businesses who aim to establish local systems that can prepare for natural disasters like fire, flood, and drought before they happen. The World Food Programme helps to propagate a global network of entrepreneurs and innovators whose ideas have the potential to change the face of emergency food assistance and create lasting resilience for communities around the world.

    Allan Jury has been Director of the World Food Programme’s (WFP) US Relations Office since September of 2008.  In his current post based in Washington, DC, Mr. Jury is responsible for managing WFP’s relations with its major partners in the US government and representing WFP in dialogue with US-based civil society and private organizations interested in global food assistance issues. He also coordinates WFP’s relations with the World Bank headquarters. The discussion will illustrate the potential of innovative public and private partnerships for the development of adaptive food assistance, and how WFP is overseeing the practical implementation of new ideas, technologies, and frameworks around the world.

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