Josiane Gabel

Josiane Gabel
  • Josiane Gabel is director of executive programs and partnerships and director of the Abshire-Inamori Leadership Academy. In this role, she develops and oversees CSIS executive education, partnerships with other institutions, and professional development and leadership training for young professionals. She previously was a fellow in the Defense and National Security Group at CSIS, where her research was in the area of U.S. defense strategy, the use of force, and international nuclear weapons policy. From 2010 to 2012, Ms. Gabel was the executive officer to the president and CEO of CSIS. In that position, she assisted in the daily and long-term operations of the Center and supported its research and programmatic agenda. She was coeditor of the CSIS Global Forecast in 2011, 2012, and 2013.
    Ms. Gabel was previously an associate at The Cohen Group, where she consulted for international companies with business in Europe, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf, and served as press assistant to former secretary of defense William Cohen. Ms. Gabel has also worked in Modeling, Simulation, Wargaming, and Analysis at Booz Allen Hamilton and in the Brookings Institution’s Foreign Policy Studies. She has done volunteer development work in Tanzania, Cambodia, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and the Czech Republic. Ms. Gabel holds a M.A. in international relations from Yale University and a B.A. in international relations from Stanford University. She is a native of France.


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