Audio: 2012 Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine

  • Oct 31, 2012
    Duration: 01:44:49

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    Ukraine held its first parliamentary elections under President Viktor Yanukovych on October 28. In the face of growing international condemnation of democratic backsliding on his watch, the election will be a test of President Yanukovych’s stated commitment to holding a democratic election and support for European integration. Doubts persisted ahead of the elections if they could be defined as democratic with opposition leaders jailed and the US Senate and European Union warning of negative consequences if the elections are not declared to be democratic. The stakes are high for President Yanukovych: if he holds a democratic election he may satisfy the international community’s concerns but at the same time will not control parliament which is key to winning a second term in 2015. Meanwhile the Ukrainian economy remains in a precarious position, with no agreement with the IMF or resolution of its gas relations with Russia.