Audio: Elections in El Salvador: What's at Stake?

  • Nov 8, 2013
    Duration: 1:14:44

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    Dr. Juan José Daboub
    Chairman and CEO
    The Daboub Partnership
    Former Minister of Finance of El Salvador (2001-2004)
    Former Managing Director of the World Bank (2006-2010)


    Carl Meacham
    CSIS Americas Program

    On February 2, 2014, El Salvadorans will vote in the first round of next year's presidential elections. Three primary candidates are vying to be the next president: Salvador Sánchez Cerén, representing the current ruling party of the FMLN; Norman Quijano, from ARENA and currently mayor of San Salvador; and Antonio Saca, former president and representing the Unidad coalition. With Sánchez Cerén and Quijano running neck-and-neck in polls - and Saca trailing - a March run-off is expected. What are the platforms of the leading candidates, and how will they address some of El Salvador's more pressing issues, from government corruption to reigniting the Salvadoran economy?