Audio: Screening Feature: "America's Battle for Immigration Reform" A European Perspective

  • Dec 4, 2013
    Duration: 00:50:03

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    Max Hofmann
    Deutsche Welle


    Carl Meacham
    CSIS Americas Program

    Though the U.S. government has invested billions of dollars to strengthen security at the U.S.-Mexico border in recent years, hundreds of thousands of people continue to illegally cross the border annually. And though many European countries continue to grapple with immigration issues all their own, Europeans increasingly find that many questions remain unanswered in the United States’ ongoing debate over immigration reform. How have issues of border security, visa allocation, and amnesty for undocumented residents differentially impacted the U.S. process? What is the future of U.S. immigration reform? Join the CSIS Americas Program as it showcases a German perspective, screening a recently-produced ten-minute feature on the issue following a discussion with featured Deutsche Welle correspondent Max Hofmann.

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