Video: The First Year: CSIS Commission on Smart Global Health Policy

  • Jul 9, 2010
    Duration: 00:07:40

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    In early 2009, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, located in Washington D.C., created the Commission on Smart Global Health Policy in the belief that global health policy is a key component of smart power.

    The commission traveled to Kenya to view first-hand the impact of U.S. global health investments -- and the challenges ahead. After the trip, the commission met to review its progress and re-engage with senior administration officials, including Deputy Secretary of State Jack Lew. After nine months of work, the commission released its reports to a packed room of administration officials, global health experts, and journalists -- with hundreds of interested participants following online.

    The commission's work continues beyond the release of the report: from organizing events to build international support for long-term investments in global health; to engaging the public in conversation about the report's recommendations; to returning to Africa and examining the effects of the Obama Administration's Global Health Initiative on the ground; and finally reconvening the commission to assess the effects of the report a year later.

    This past decade the U.S. has jump-started a global health movement that is saving and lifting human lives on a scale never known before. In poor villages, communities, and countries around the world, remarkable progress is being made in reducing disease, giving millions a chance to live longer, healthier, more productive lives.

    We must sustain and build on our achievements. To ensure that progress for global health takes hold, we need a smart, strategic, long-term approach -- one that harnesses all of America's assets and expertise, strengthens our partnerships with others, and seeks the greatest health improvements for people around the world.