Video: BP Energy Outlook 2035

  • Mar 14, 2014
    Duration: 01:16:08
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    The CSIS Energy and National Security Program hosts Mark Finley, General Manager for Global Energy Markets and U.S. Economics at BP, to present BP's Energy Outlook 2035. The outlook, seeking to describe the 'most likely' trajectory of the world's energy system, contributes to the wider debate on global energy issues by addressing key questions such as: What will the world's energy mix look like in 2035? Where is the growth in demand and supply going to come from? How and at what pace will renewables continue to grow? What are the implications for transport? Mr. Finley reviews and discusses the projections as well as examine some of the key assumptions behind the data. Sarah Ladislaw, Director and Senior Fellow in the CSIS Energy and National Security Program, moderates.