Video: A Discussion with the Liberian Defense Minister

  • Mar 29, 2011
    Duration: 01:31:46
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    Improving Liberia’s security sector has been high on the agenda since the country’s return to democratic rule following the 2005 elections.  Historically, Liberia’s security forces have been the source of unrest, oppression, intimidation and human rights violations.   Recent reform efforts have focused on demobilizing and disarming former combatants, rebuilding the military and police forces, and refocusing attention on human security.  As Liberians prepare for the October 2011 elections, the implications of lingering insecurity and mixed results from security sector reform initiatives weigh heavily on their minds.  Have former combatants (particularly rebel groups and militias) been effectively demobilized and rehabilitated?  Are Liberia’s new security forces (military and police) adequately prepared to address current and emerging threats?  The situation is further complicated by growing unrest in neighboring Cote d’Ivoire and the influx of thousands of refugees.  How is Liberia handling the humanitarian and security ramifications of these developments?  What role could Liberia’s partners play in promoting peace in West Africa’s conflict-ridden Mano River region?

    Liberian Defense Minister Brownie Samukai will discuss prospects for peace in Liberia and the sub-region.