Video: Economic Outlook and Perspectives for Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe

  • May 20, 2014
    Duration: 01:26:47
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    Mr. Aasim Husain
    Deputy Director of the Europe Department, International Monetary Fund

    Dr. Anders Aslund
    Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)

    Dr. Thomas Wright
    Fellow, Project on International Order and Strategy, The Brookings Institution

    Moderated by

    Ms. Heather A. Conley
    Director and Senior Fellow, CSIS Europe Program

    An assessment of current trends and risks in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe (CESEE) in conjunction with the release of the International Monetary Fund's latest report, "Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe: External Funding Patterns and Risks." While growth has returned to many of the CESEE economies, the region is facing an unusual constellation of external risks, including the potential escalation of the Ukraine crisis; the possibility of protracted weak growth and deflation in the euro area; and further bouts of financial volatility. Given these unpredictable circumstances, how might an external shock impact the region economically? What will further unrest in Ukraine, the imposition of international sanctions, and the potential reduction of energy supplies from Russia have on the region's economy? Which countries are the most vulnerable? How would tighter external financial conditions affect growth, unemployment and debt dynamics in the region? Our panelists will discuss these issues and offer their perspectives on the economic outlook for the region.