Video: The Future Transatlantic Narrative: Hope or Dismay?

  • Nov 9, 2012
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    Watch a candid conversation with CSIS Distinguished Statesman Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg on the future prospects for the transatlantic alliance amid growing global economic and political uncertainty.  Both sides of the Atlantic must tackle unsustainable levels of debt and improve economic growth while simultaneously addressing the Arab Awakening, the rise of China, a potentially nuclear armed Iran, and winding down operations in Afghanistan.  Will the transatlantic alliance be able to meet both domestic and geopolitical challenges and renew its essential partnership?  Or will Europe and the United States attempt to manage these challenges on their own?  How is the euro crisis and American political uncertainty changing attitudes and perceptions about the alliance in Europe and the United States, particularly the next generation of young European and American leaders? What will be the next chapter in transatlantic relations and who be its authors?  This conversation will launch a new CSIS transatlantic dialogue series with European and American leaders about what the content and future narrative should be for this next chapter in transatlantic relations. 

    The dscussion will be ON the record.