Video: The Ground Forces Industrial Base: A Conversation with Brett Lambert

  • Apr 29, 2013
    Duration: 57:29
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      In an era of declining budgets, decisions about the defense industrial base are a growing concern. As the Department of Defense continues to wrestle with budget uncertainy, several questions emerge. What is the right way to think about the ground force industrial base, and how is it best sustained overtime? What policies best support the continued viability of second- and third-tier suppliers as acquisitions become less frequent and smaller in scale? And finally, how can the relationship between DoD and the private sector be strengthened? Please join us for an on the record conversation with Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Brett Lambert on these and other questions critical to the future of US ground forces.

    Brett Lambert
    Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy
    Moderated by
    David J. Berteau
    CSIS Senior Vice President and Director, International Security Program