Video: International Energy Agency's Energy Technology Perspectives 2012

  • Jul 17, 2012
    Duration: 1:26:34
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    The CSIS Energy and National Security Program is pleased to host Ambassador Richard H. Jones, Deputy Executive Director and Dr. Markus Wrake, Senior Energy Analyst and ETP Project Lead, International Energy Agency (IEA) to present the IEA's Energy Technology Perspectives 2012.

    Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 (ETP 2012) looks at how technologies-- from electric vehicles to smart grids-- can make a decisive difference in achieving the objective of limiting the global temperature rise to 2°C and enhancing energy security. ETP 2012 presents scenarios and strategies to 2050, with the aim of guiding decision makers on energy trends and what needs to be done to build a clean, secure and competitive energy future.