Video: An Overview of the National Security and Economic Issues in Spectrum Allocation

  • Feb 18, 2014
    Duration: 01:37:22
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    CSIS, in cooperation with outside subject matter experts, industry stakeholders, and policymakers consider how America manages and reallocates spectrum in ways that benefit both economic growth and national security.

    Keynote remarks from:
    General Robert E. Wheeler (invited)
    Deputy Chief Information Officer for Command, Control, Communications and Computers and Information Infrastructure Capabilities
    Featuring a panel with:
    Stacey Black
    AT&T, Vice President, Federal Regulatory
    John Hunter
    T-Mobile, Director of Spectrum Policy
    Julius Knapp
    FCC, Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology
    Frederick Moorefield
    DoD, Chief Information Officer, Director of Spectrum Policy
    Peter Tenhula
    DOC, Senior Advisor, National Telecommunications and Information Administration