Video: Restructuring Army Aviation

  • Apr 8, 2014
    Duration: 1:10:27
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    Brigadier General John G. Ferrari
    Military Deputy, Program Analysis and Evalutation, Headquarters U.S. Army, G8

    Colonel Frank Tate
    Chief of Aviation Force Development, Headquarter U.S. Army, G8

    Colonel John Lindsay
    Director of Aviation, Headquarters U.S. Army, G3/5/7

    Moderated by:

    Dr. Maren Leed
    Senior Adviser, Harold Brown Chair in Defense Policy Studies

    A discussion of U.S. Army Aviation and the proposed Aviation Restructure Concept to rebalance the Active, Reserve, and National Guard aviation components. Brigadier General Ferrari, Colonel Tate, and Colonel Lindsay will offer a comprehensive briefing on the plan, its underlying logic, and the budget constraints that informed its choices. This discussion will cover effects on training, maintenance, modernization, and readiness

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