Video: The State of Peace: Measuring Country Risk and Opportunity

  • Jun 18, 2014
    Duration: 01:25:48
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    The 2014 Global Peace Index discussion will explore these questions, detailing recent trends in militarization, safety and security, and ongoing conflict. It will also include a presentation of a new country risk framework, which quantifies current knowledge around the structural drivers of peace and conflict to identify countries most at risk today of falls in peacefulness.


    Robert D. Lamb, Director and Senior Fellow, Program on Crisis, Conflict, and Cooperation, Center for Strategic and International Studies

    Gary J. Milante, Program Director, Macroeconomics Security Program, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

    Paul B. Stares, General John W. Vessey Senior Fellow for Conflict Prevention and Director of the Center for Preventative Action, Council on Foreign Relations

    Alexandra I. Toma, Executive Director, Peace and Security Funders Group

    Aubrey Fox, Executive Director, Institute for Economics and Peace USA

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