Video: Statesmen's Forum: Foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt

  • Nov 29, 2012
    Duration: 01:17:33
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    Statesmen's Forum with: 
    Carl Bildt
    Foreign Minister of Sweden
    "Can Europe and the U.S. shape a Credible Global Strategy?"
    Introduced and Moderated by
    Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski
    North Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, the Arctic, Asia, Iran, cyber security, non-proliferation... the transatlantic "to-do" list of global challenges grows daily while U.S. and European dialogues and strategies become perfunctory and resources grow increasingly scarce.  What is the comparative advantage of the transatlantic relationship today?  How can the EU, as an "indispensable partner" to the U.S., be used more effectively to meet these global challenges?  What role will the transatlantic partnership continue to play in the future?  We are delighted that Swedish Foreign Minister Bildt will provide us with his thinking on how to develop closer transatlantic strategic thinking and cooperation globally.