Video: A Strategic Approach to Development: The Role of the Private Sector in Sustainable Security

  • Nov 19, 2012
    Duration: 01:22:14
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    As private firms seek to expand operations in developing and emerging markets, the lack of regional security and stability can offset willingness to invest in new markets or can negatively impact business operations that are underway. Creating a more stable operating environment that facilitates social and economic growth mitigates private sector risk and is also a goal pursued by the development community. Private sector cooperation in development can complement public sector initiatives by helping to identify sources of instability and develop programs to create a more secure environment. This not only encourages greater private investment in developing markets, but also creates conditions for more sustainable economic development programs. This alignment of interests should become an alignment of response. This panel will highlight the opportunity for the public and private sectors to coordinate their strategies and leverage their respective strengths to achieve sustainable development and growth.