Video: Supporting Peace in Senegal: The Casamance Peace Initiative

  • Jan 15, 2013
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    Watch a panel discussion of the U.S. role in Senegal's efforts to bring peace to its 30-year conflict in the Casamance. The March 2012 election of President Sall opened a critical window for peace, but violence could resume if timely gains are not made. Ambassador Jim Bullington and Colonel Abdourahmane Kebe will lead a discussion on recent progress towards peace, key next steps, and the unique relationships between key partners.


    Ambassador Jim Bullington, U.S. Casamance Advisor in Senegal, CSO

    Colonel Abdourahmane Kebe, Military Attache of the Republic of Senegal in the U.S.

    Robert D. Lamb, Director and Senior Fellow, Program on Crisis, Conflict, and Cooperation, CSIS

    Rebecca Wall, Casamance Project Manager, CSO Africa Operations Team

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