Video: Sustaining the U.S. Lead in DoD Unmanned Systems: Panel 2

  • May 8, 2014
    Duration: 00:56:44
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    Panel 2: U.S. Leadership Amid Commercial Sector Growth and Changing Global Supply


    Dr. Michael Horowitz
    Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania

    Mr. Jeremiah Gertler
    Specialist in Military Aviation, Congressional Research Service

    Dr. Lynn E. Davis
    Director, Washington Office, RAND

    Moderated by:

    Mr. Samuel J. Brannen
    Senior Fellow, International Security Program, CSIS

    The current U.S. military lead in unmanned systems will be contested in the coming decades as other countries develop or acquire their own capabilities (including through significantly increased commercial sector activity) and Pentagon investment in current and next-generation unmanned systems decreases under budget pressure. With the release of the Quadrennial Defense Review and the Fiscal Year 2015 Presidential Budget Request reflecting updated DoD priorities, CSIS hosts a discussion on the future of U.S. leadership in military development and use of unmanned systems.