Video: U.S. - Australia: Panel 1

  • Jan 23, 2014
    Duration: 01:04:07
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    Please watch Panel 1: The U.S.-Australian Partnership: A Reality Check, as a part of the U.S. Australia: The Alliance in an Emerging Asia

    The U.S.-Australia alliance stands out as one of America’s most trusted global partnerships. Both countries have made significant new commitments to deepen alliance ties and, together, engage in the East Asian and Indo-Pacific regions.

    This full-day conference addresses our shared interests, featuring keynote presentations and discussions with political and business leaders from the United States and Australia. Panels focus on the U.S.-Australia alliance, politics and security in an emerging Asia, resources and sustainability, investment and trade, and opportunities in the new economy.

    Introduction and Welcome

    The Hon. William E. Brock
    Counselor and Trustee, CSIS, and
    Chairman, Brock Offices

    Prof. Bates Gill
    CEO, The United States Studies Centre
    University of Sydney


    Opening Remarks (By Video)

    The Hon. Tony J. Abbott MP
    Prime Minister of Australia


    Panel: 1: The U.S.-Australian Partnership: A Reality Check

    The Hon. Richard L. Armitage
    Trustee, Center for Strategic and International Studies, and
    Council of Advisors, U.S. Studies Centre

    The Hon. Dr. Brendan J. Nelson
    Australian War Memorial

    Dr. Michael J. Green
    Vice President for Asia, Japan Chair, and
    Co-Director, Pacific Partners Initiative, CSIS, and
    Associate Professor, Georgetown University