A New Home for CSIS

New Building

On September 23rd, 2013 CSIS moved into its new headquarters at 1616 Rhode Island Avenue in Washington, D.C. CSIS' new home is designed to be the premier destination for global dialogue and the development of strategic insights and bipartisan policy solutions.

Our new headquarters is a catalyst for the future—a premier destination that facilitates the union of intellect and opportunity. Behind the striking stone and glass façade, are a world-class, two-story conference space; multiple visitor and staff meeting rooms; modern, flexible office space to support our growing staff; and state-of-the-art electronics and audiovisual facilities. The building’s design and construction was guided by the latest green principles as we secured LEED Platinum Certification.

Watch Bob Schieffer and his band Honky Tonk Confidential perform “CSIS Is the Best” in honor of the opening of CSIS’s new HQ.