• Mar 24, 2010

    Breakthrough Is Reported in U.S. Arms Pact With Russia
    NYT by Peter Baker and Ellen Barry

    Russia, China urged Iran to change nuclear stance
    Reuters by Louis Charbonneau

    US noncommittal on Pakistan's nuclear desires
    WP by Matthew Lee (AP)

    Australia, Japan Submit Disarmament Proposals For NPT Review Conference

    Fixing Missile Defense
    NYT Editorial

  • Mar 24, 2010

    PONI is happy to announce the second event of the 2010 "PONI Debates the Issues" series.   Departing from the traditional debate format used to this point, the event will feature a panel discussion on the forthcoming Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) that will likely generate debate within the panelists.  The panelists include: 

    Douglas Feith, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

    Clark Murdock, Senior Adviser, CSIS

    Ivan Oelrich, Vice President, Strategic Security Programs, Federation of American Scientists

    The logistical details for the event are as follows:

    Date: Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Time: 5:30 - 7:45 pm

    Location: CSIS B1 Conference Center (1800 K St NW)

    To RSVP for the event, please contact Chris Jones here or by phone at (202) 775-3234.


  • Mar 23, 2010

    Jimmy Carter calls on U.S., S. Korea to talk directly with N. Korea
    Yonhap News by Byun Duk-kun

    Senators pressure Obama on Iran sanctions
    The Cable (Foreign Policy) by Josh Rogin

    Pakistan pushes US for nuclear technology deal
    The Guardian by Saeed Shah

    Officials Outline Missile Defense Goals
    GSN by Otto Kreisher (CongressDaily)

    There's still nothing new on Iran
    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Op-ed by Ivan Oelrich and Ivanka Barzashka

  • Mar 22, 2010

    Obama to Iranians: We want brighter future for you
    Yahoo! News by Philip Elliott (AP)

    Pakistan seeks to probe nuclear secrets scientist
    Reuters by Kamran Haider

    India to examine its NPT options ahead of nuclear summit
    Hindustan Times by Indo-Asian News Service

    Debate Heats Up Over Conventional, Nuclear Deterrence Tradeoffs
    GSN by Elaine M. Grossman

    US trains nuclear detectives to trace 'loose' nukes
    CSM by Peter N. Spotts

  • Mar 19, 2010

    By Andrew St. Denis

    Tuesday on the Hill, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held its hearing on the nomination of Robert Ford as U.S. Ambassador to the Syrian Arab Republic, the first in five years.

  • Mar 19, 2010

    Hillary Clinton, Russians clash publicly over Iran reactor
    LA Times by Megan K. Stack

    France offers to join forces with UK's nuclear submarine fleet
    The Guardian by Julian Borger and Richard Norton-Taylor

    Safety Issues Linger as Nuclear Reactors Shrink in Size
    NY Times Analysis by Andrew E. Kramer

    U.S., Russian negotiators 'at the finish line' on new START nuclear pact
    WP by Mary Beth Sheridan

    Seoul, Beijing Want Early Resumption of Nuclear Talks
    Korea Times by Jung Sung-ki

  • Mar 18, 2010

    U.S., Japan begin debate on security issues including nuclear umbrella
    Mainichi Daily News by Kyodo News

    China urges Iran to accept nuclear swap deal

    Clinton in Moscow for Mideast, nuclear arms talks
    AP by Robert Burns

    Obama official: Iran medical isotopes claim a "transparent ploy"
    Foreign Policy by Josh Rogin

    State Department Looks to Revamp Arms Control Bureaus
    GSN by Martin Matishak

  • Mar 17, 2010


    Woes could spark N.Korea regime collapse: think-tank

    China 'more concerned' over Iran nuclear crisis
    Yahoo!News by Dan Martin (AFP)

    Pakistan, Iran sign deal on natural gas pipeline
    WP by Zeeshan Haider (Reuters)

    Russian parliament could block US nuclear treaty
    Daily Times (AFP)

    Extended deterrence and the tactical nuclear mirage
    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists by Joshua Pollack

  • Mar 15, 2010

    By John K. Warden

    In conjunction with the release of its report, “Nuclear Security and Nuclear Counterterrorism: Streamlining and Updating the Legal Framework,” the Center for International Trade and Security (CITS) hosted a panel discussion about the upcoming international summit on nuclear security.

    The panel featured short presentations by Igor Khripunov, CITS Interim Director, Charles Ferguson, President of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), Ken Luongo, President of the Partnership for Global Security, Mary Beth Nikitin, Senior Researcher at the Congressional Research Service (CRS), and Sharon Squassoni, Senior Fellow and Director of the Proliferation Prevention Program at CSIS.

    Luongo began, providing details on the summit’s agenda.  The summit will span three days.  The main meeting of forty-four heads of state on April 13th will be sandwiched between a non-governmental summit on the 12th and a nuclear industry summit on the 14th, both of which should have a lot of international participation.

  • Mar 15, 2010

    US cautious on removing nuclear arms from Europe
    AP by Robert Burns

    Debate Grows on Nuclear Containment of Iran
    NYT by David E. Sanger

    Pakistani scientist Khan describes Iranian efforts to buy nuclear bombs
    WP by R. Jeffrey Smith and Joby Warrick

    Miliband says Security Council on same page on Iran
    AFP by Susan Stumme

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