Middle East

Middle East

From politics to energy to economics, CSIS analyzes the myriad foreign policy and national security issues related to the Middle East.

The Middle East Program anchors the many programs and scholars at CSIS whose work touches upon this dynamic and important region.


  • The Middle East Program leads CSIS’s analysis of how changing security, political, and economic conditions are reshaping Gulf politics and society. It also looks at U.S. military engagement and Gulf security architecture. The Energy and National Security Program assesses energy trends in the region and their impacts on global markets.

  • The Middle East Program analyzes the impacts of changes in Egypt’s economic, security, and political environment. It also seeks to understand the changing nature of the U.S.-Egyptian strategic partnership.

  • The Middle East Program leads CSIS’s work on issues related to Iran and its impacts on regional affairs. It examines domestic trends within Iran and the country’s relations with its neighbors and with world powers.

  • Multiple programs and scholars contribute to CSIS’s analysis of the political, economic, and security challenges facing Iraq. CSIS’s work analyzes dynamics between the government of Iraq and its citizens, the regional governments and the national government, insurgent groups within Iraq, and the central government’s foreign relations.

  • CSIS covers a wide set of issues in the Levant, including the Syrian civil war’s impacts on Syria and its neighbors; U.S.-Israel strategic relations; and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • The Middle East Program leads CSIS’s analysis of security and political trends in the North African Maghreb and efforts to combat radical ideology there. It also examines deepening U.S. engagement in the region. The Maghreb is defined here as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.

  • The Turkey Project focuses exclusively on this strategically important country which is featured in the work of other CSIS programs and experts as well.

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