Middle East

Middle East

From politics to energy to economics, CSIS analyzes the myriad foreign policy and national security issues related to the Middle East.

The Middle East Program anchors the many programs and scholars at CSIS whose work touches upon this dynamic and important region.


  • The Middle East Program and the Energy and National Security Program lead CSIS’s work on this rapidly changing region.

  • The Middle East Program houses much of CSIS’s expertise on this country.

  • The Middle East Program leads CSIS’s work on Iran and the many security and energy issues related to it.

  • Multiple programs and scholars have expertise on the many security and foreign policy issues related to Iraq and the United States’ involvement there.

  • The Middle East Program and the Africa Program lead CSIS analysis of this vast region.

  • Many programs and scholars contribute to CSIS’s expertise on this region.

  • The Turkey Project focuses exclusively on this strategically important country which is featured in the work of other CSIS programs and experts as well.

Studying Middle East