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The core mission of the CSIS Africa Program is to conduct sustained and timely research and analysis on the major elements of U.S. policy toward Africa, with the aim of substantially shaping discourse in Congress, the executive branch, and among the broader policymaking community. The program also provides a platform to African opinion leaders and seeks to integrate African perspectives into the Washington policy dialogue.

Recent Highlights


E.U. and U.S. Policies in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa: The Search for Sustainable Approaches (p. 43)
by Richard Downie, Deputy Director and Fellow, Africa Program, CSIS

Media clips on Boko Haram

The Tavis Smiley Show
Jennifer Cooke, Director, Africa Program, CSIS

CNN, The Lead (video interview)
Richard Downie

NPR (audio interview)
Richard Downie

Foreign Policy (article)
Richard Downie

NBC News (article)
Richard Downie

PBS NewsHour (video interview)
Jennifer Cooke, Director, Africa Program, CSIS


Africa at a Crossroads

This report highlights examples of progress and positive collaboration between corporate and public actors and identifies areas where African governments can do more to make the most of current economic opportunities.


Current Projects and Focus Areas


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    Supported by the Ford Foundation, the series will bring Nigerian officials, civil society activists, and opinion leaders to Washington, D.C. to engage with U.S. policymakers and Africa experts on how best to ensure that Nigeria's upcoming elections are peaceful, credible, and free.

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    Supported by Luce Foundation, this project examines the ways in which the religious and political spheres intersect in African contexts.

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    The CSIS Africa Program is undertaking four high-level Africa Energy Forums to examine new energy trends in Africa.

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    The Resilient Africa Network (RAN) is a partnership with Makerere University, Tulane University, and Stanford University focusing on identifying and supporting sources of resilience in various African communities.

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    Current areas of focus of the CSIS Africa Program

  • Completed projects, past events, and publications from the CSIS Africa Program

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