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Covering every corner of the world's most populous region, the CSIS Asia Team provides insightful analysis and develops innovative policy solutions for the Asian century.

CSIS' Asia portfolio includes eight programs focused on specific areas within the region:

Asia also features heavily in the work of other CSIS programs including:

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CSIS Asia Programs Blog: CogitASIA




Freeman Report Newsletter: Thoughts from the Chairman




 Japan Chair Platform




Korea Chair Platform




 Pacific Partners Outlook




 Global Economics Monthly




Southeast Asia from Scott Circle




U.S.-India Insight



Emerging Indian Economy Signature Series




Partnership for Recovery and a Stronger Future: Task Force on U.S.-Japan Cooperation



Advancing Social Science with Korea




 Executive Training Program




Economic Statecraft Series




 Trans-Pacific Partnership Speaker Series





  • An Independent Review of U.S. Defense Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Focusing on Capabilities, Presence, and Partnerships

  • CogitAsia Thinking Deeply on Asia

    A weekly podcast from the Asia experts at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, who provide analysis on policy and trends in the region.

  • G20 2012 Color Flags Sphere; Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey's Flickr photostream,

    Creating an enduring consultative mechanism for EU-U.S. cooperation in the Asia Pacific.

  • A series of high level conferences that bring U.S. and Asia Pacific leaders together to discuss their bilateral relationships, one country at a time.

  • Jakarta Skyline

    The DPII seeks to enhance understanding of Indonesia and Indonesia-U.S. relations through events that sustain policy dialogue in Washington.

  • The South China Sea in High Resolution

    Bringing clarity to this complex region, The South China Sea in High Resolution examines the geopolitical, economic, and legal issues arising from territorial and maritime disputes in the sea.

  • The U.S.-Australia Speaker Series seeks to spotlight the enduring ties and common interests between the United States and Australia.

    Made possible by BHP Billiton.

  • 1935 Pan American Pacific Map; Photo courtesy of Tom Wigley's Flickr photostream,

    Real-time conversations between fellows from CSIS and Australia's Lowy Institute for International Policy on the foreign policy topics that matter to Washington and Canberra.

  • CSIS Asia Program Blog: CogitASIA

    There has never been as great a need for a serious and sustained policy discussion on Asia in Washington. Join that discussion on our blog.


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