Burke Chair on Iraq War

The CSIS Arleigh A. Burke Chair holder Anthony H. Cordesman, seeks to analyze the multitude of elements affecting the progress and setbacks of the U.S. and Coalition effort to create and stable Iraq. Dr. Cordesman looks closely at Coalition military operations, as well as the various civilian, multinational, and other U.S. intuitions operating in Iraq. Likewise, the Iraq War project includes efforts dedicated to the Iraqi political process, the insurgency, and Iraqi Security Force Development.

Anthony H. Cordesman publishes frequent reports on the reconstruction effort, Iraqi governmental development, and the various facets of the aid effort. Analyses include indigenous actors and efforts within Iraq, as well as the roles played by governments and individual actors in the region -- and beyond -- in the effort to shape the future of Iraq.

Major Works

Iraq and the united States: Creating a Strategic Partnership

Observations From a Visit to Iraq: Memorandum to General Odierno

Iraqi Force Development and Conditions-Based U.S. Withdrawals

 Withdrawal from Iraq: Assessing the Readiness of Iraqi Security Forces


Withdrawal from Iraq: Assessing the Readiness of Iraqi Security Forces



Latest Publications

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More Publications on Iraq

In addition to several published books that can be purchased online from the CSIS Press, the project focuses on the steady development of working documents that are revised on an ongoing basis. As a result, all of the material provided in this section should be regarded as working material that is subject to update. To provide suggestions corrections to any material, please send your comments to the Office of the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy at BurkeChair@csis.org.