Burke Chair on Lessons of War

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Burke Chair reports on the Lessons of War analyze current and recent U.S. military operations.

These reports record, assess, and analyze knowledge gained from U.S. military experiences in a rapidly evolving warfighting environment. Reports in this section are informed by a wide array of inputs, from U.S. military and civilian ground experience to comparison to historical data and trend analysis. Implications on future warfighting and war planning constructs - as well training, equipment, and personnel asset requirements - are all brought to bear. Issues covered in these reports include but are not limited to, ongoing lessons of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; lessons of international cooperation in counterterrorism; lessons of the Global War on Terror; and lessons of intelligence successes and failures. 

Major Works

Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition, Volumes I-IV

Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition– I: Introduction, US Policy, and Cuts in US Forces and Spending

Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition– II: Sharply Contradictory Data on Levels of Violence

Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition– III: Measuring the Transition from ISAF to ANSF

Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition– IV: Progress in Afghan Force Development

The Common Lessons of Benghazi, Algeria, Mali, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Arab Spring