Burke Chair on Lessons of War

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Burke Chair reports on the Lessons of War analyze current and recent U.S. military operations.

These reports record, assess, and analyze knowledge gained from U.S. military experiences in a rapidly evolving warfighting environment. Reports in this section are informed by a wide array of inputs, from U.S. military and civilian ground experience to comparison to historical data and trend analysis. Implications on future warfighting and war planning constructs - as well training, equipment, and personnel asset requirements - are all brought to bear. Issues covered in these reports include but are not limited to, ongoing lessons of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; lessons of international cooperation in counterterrorism; lessons of the Global War on Terror; and lessons of intelligence successes and failures. 

Major Works

The Arab-U.S. Strategic Partnership and the Changing Security Balance in the Gulf

Afghanistan at Transition

The Changing Security Balance in the Gulf

The Civil Transition in Afghanistan: The Metrics of Crisis?

Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition– I: Introduction, US Policy, and Cuts in US Forces and Spending

Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition– II: Sharply Contradictory Data on Levels of Violence

Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition– III: Measuring the Transition from ISAF to ANSF

Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition– IV: Progress in Afghan Force Development

Security Transition in Afghanistan

The Forces Shaping Transition in Afghanistan: 2014-2016

The Civil Transition in Afghanistan: 2014-2016

The Struggle for the Levant: Geopolitical Battles and the Quest for Stability

The Afghan War and Transition: Updated Report on the Forces Shaping Transition in Afghanistan, 2014-2016

The FY2015 Defense Budget and the QDR: Key Trends and Data Points

Afghanistan and the Growing Risks in Transition

Shaping Iraq’s Security Forces

Shaping the ANSF to Meet the Challenges of Transition

The Common Lessons of Benghazi, Algeria, Mali, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Arab Spring


Latest Publications/Commentary

A Public Relations Exercise without Meaningful Transparency: The First Quarterly Report of the New Lead Inspector General for Overseas Contingency Operations on Operation Inherent Resolve

All Spin and No Substance: The Need for Meaningful Obama Strategy

The Metrics of Terrorism and Instability in Pakistan

The Obama Administration: From Ending Two Wars to Engagement in Five - with the Risk of a Sixth

A Key Update: Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition - Sharply Contradictory Data on Levels of Violence

The Need for Better Civil-Military Planning

Strategic Partnership in the Middle East: Respecting Our Arab Allies, Realism About Ourselves

The Islamic State: The Case of Expanding the Air War

Iraq, Syria, and the Islamic State: The "Boots on the Ground" Fallacy

The Campaign Against the Islamic State

Winning the Campaign Against the Islamic State: Key Strategic and Tactical Challenges

Transition in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Progress and Risks

The Real Revolution in Military Affairs

Israel and Hamas: Escalating to Nowhere, Yet Again

Hamas and the New Round of Fighting in Gaza: Both Sides are Excalating to Nowhere

Afghanistan and Iraq: Learning the Lessons of Worst Case Wars

Post-Election Transition in Afghanistan: A US Leadership Vacuum that Urgently Needs Hard Decisions and Real and Honest Leadership

The Afghan Civil Transition Crisis: Afghanistan's Status and the Warnings from Iraq's Failure

The Obama Presidency: Is "King Log" Really Better than "King Stork"?

The FY2015 US Defense Budget, the New Quadrennial Defense Review, and the US Commitment to the Middle East and Asia

Going Hollow: The Hagel Preview of the FY2015 Defense Budget