Burke Chair on U.S. Strategic and Defense Efforts

The project on "U.S. Strategic and Defense Efforts" seeks to assess U.S. national defense in terms of the roles, missions, and necessities of the U.S. defense apparatus, with concurrent respect to resource allocation and the realities shaping needs and priorities in defense planning and execution.

As part of an ongoing working assessment of Department of Defense strategic, tactical, budgetary and organizational priorities, the project seeks to incorporate a wide array of defense prerogatives, from homeland defense and security to overseas warfighting capabilities. Further emphasis is placed on costing and prioritization of resources, as well the synchronization of efforts across military, intelligence, and civilian agencies.

Project focuses include:

  • Personnel issues and the issue of “overstretch”
  • Strategic and planning challenges in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Meeting the needs of the active and reserve military
  • U.S. force transformation
  • Interoperability and international alliances
  • The challenge of creating an effective interagency process

Major Works

Cleansing the Poisoned Chalice? The Obama Administration and the Challenge of National Security Planning, Programming, and Budgeting

How Soon Is Safe? Iraqi Force Development and Conditions-Based U.S. Withdrawals

Latest Works

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More Burke Chair Publications on U.S. Strategic and Defense Efforts

In addition to several published books that can be purchased online from Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, the project focuses on the steady development of working documents that are revised on an ongoing basis. As a result, all of the material provided in this section should be regarded as working material that is subject to update.  To provide suggestions corrections to any material, please send your comments to the Office of the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy at BurkeChair@csis.org.